Your Soul Journey is like the Rose

I awoke this morning at 5:55 am.  In the morning light, i asked, What should i do?   How do i proceed?  Remeber the Rose, my child. The light you share with others is Now anchoring into the planet.  This seed of Mother’s light is like the seed of the rose.  Anchored into Gaia, nurtured and begins to grow and flourish till the flower begins to bud and unfurl.  the petals are the remembering of the many timelines connected to the heartlight of Source of all.  This you awaken in others.  There are many explanations for the word ascension but it comes back to simply the rebirthing or conscious expression of the soul incarnated at this time.  It is the opening of the heart chakra/ Mothers energy in all lifeforms on this planet.  This leads to the expression of the energy of love thru thought and deed.  Respect for All life,  All is One Heart.  We are all the Children, no matter what form we express, Of Mother Earth.  There is to be No followers, we are All unique Souls, equal to each other and full of inner knowledge, experiences of many eons of lives.  There is only equality in Light and Love you ALL are.  Be the Rose beautiful ones.  Your time is NOW.

13 thoughts on “Your Soul Journey is like the Rose

  1. Beautiful and grace filled for sure!! These timelines are fractals like everything in nature creative and ever expanding in infinite potential. Let it all bloom anew from conscious awareness and recognition with gratitude!!

    Thank you, with love to you for sharing!!

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  2. Yes, isnt it wonderful to be connected again where messages like this can come through and life has meaning again? Amazing with all inner the work we have done fear is like a distant memory. I cant feel it or taste it or smell it anymore let alone resonate with it.

    Happening one heart at a time all over the world! A relatively small but mighty group we are united in spirit!!


    1. expressing oneself in a platform like this is amazing really and a deefinte indicator of growth for the human consciousness. to speak from the heart charkra and share the knowledge within. We are definetly moving forward one heart at a time.


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