The Calling

Elders of the stars, we have come together in this timeline again to support the shift of Gaia. We are recognized in this incarnation as the rainbow warriors. We are young and we are old, some fully awake and some just awaking to the call of spirit. We have been reconnecting thru the internet media to once again work in heart-centered groups. Many timeless energies were placed in dimensional hiding places to be reclaimed when the time was right. The one called aliyah is earth guardian of these potent energies. Pieces reclaimed and kept in sanctuary temple space until the shift came upon us and the work to anchor in the newer star is imminent. Now is that time. All this prearranged prior to incarnation.

the timeless ones have placed out their clarion call in the ethers to stir the memories of those called to this work. Now we are bringing out them to groups heart chosen. This is not done as in secrecy, realize the wasted time if someone gets them and does not commit to the earthwork. How will that affect the mass consciousness ascension? That is why this is being done–this work is not for ego but for service to all life forms. Elders of the stars, you know this is sacred work. If you are feeling the clarion call go deep into your heart to see if your ready to commit. Aliyah has been given the vision of group work to be done in service. Are you ready to collectively work as one heart?
Star elders follow your heart

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